Autumn 2014


As you may have seen from posters or the website, we are having to scale back the Society because of lack of support. The current intention is to try for the next year with a reduced programme and consider again when we see how well this works


As a charity we must hold an AGM every year. In order to make this as painless as possible, we intend to hold it together with the "Winter Trophy" Competition and a social evening in November. We really need additional committee members. Nominations or volunteers for new Committee Members or Officers are urgently invited. Please contact any of the current committee if you know of anyone who would like to be included.
Without more support, the club will be forced to close.


You will be invited to take part in the Winter Trophy Competition during the December Meeting. It will revert to the old form of inviting everyone to enter 3 items
1. 4 squares gingerbread
2. A small table centre, suitable for a dinner party
3. A poppy in any medium
During the evening everybody will be asked to award points to their choice of best entry and totaling will show the winner of the Winter Trophy.


To see our 2015/2016 programme go to What's on Meetings are open to all, why not bring a friend? Without more support the Society could be forced to close

TRIP 2016

We regret that we will not be able to arrange a longer trip away this year. Is there any interest in a minibus trip to a local garden? If you have a suggestion for a trip that we would all enjoy, please tell a committee member. Our trips are not limited to Horticultural Society members so why not bring a friend? (You can, in fact, bring a friend to any Horticultural Society occasion and we will always try to persuade them to join). Without more support the Society will be forced to close.


The Spring Show will be on Saturday 2nd April 2016 and the schedule of classes for all next year's shows will be coming out in the New Year. If you have any suggestions for classes suitable to be incorporated, the committee will be pleased to hear.


This year's subscription is now due. £8 per person or £15 for a family. Please either pay now or at the next meeting. Without your support the Society will be forced to close.

Other local societies

Horsham Horticultural Society can be found on their website andSouthwater Horticultural Society are here

This website will be updated if we have any news before our next Newsletter. Why not check us occasionally?